Monday, 3/16 @tuckbarreyoga – Day 1 of our online classes!

This is crazy stuff, guys! We made the decision to close all of our studios last Saturday out of an abundance of caution for our clients. Our clients overwhelmingly wanted us to try to stay open, but we felt this was a situation where it is better to err on the side of overreacting.

But we didn’t want to leave everyone hanging, so now we are offering a decently full daily schedule of barre and yoga classes on our Facebook page! Follow us here to view the live streamed classes! Here’s the schedule for the next few days:

This morning’s class with Callie was typically rough. Taking live barre classes where she can single me out is bad enough, but streaming classes to hundreds of strangers, all of whom can watch you fail over and over again?? Also, being Callie’s only “prop” student on screen? Even Tony Horton of P90X had a crew of four or five to choose from. P90X was pretty awesome back in the day, my favorite moment from those videos is when they’re making a soup-making motion, Tony asks his crew what type of soup they’re making, and the German lady responds, “German potato soup!”

So yeah, being bad at barre all over the internet – terrible feeling, but you have to just laugh at yourself in these weird times. Also, to be honest, we kind of had fun! Is this why people stream themselves playing video games online? I would much prefer to do that than stream myself doing barre. I’m in my mid-30s now, so slightly old for stuff like Twitch and TikTok but this social distancing thing is forcing me to figure these things out. Maybe you’ll see me on Switch soon playing Fortnite???

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