The barre bro’s sweat diary!

My wife was recently featured in Phillymag’s ongoing “Sweat Diaries” series. Since they haven’t yet asked the barrebro to do a sweat diary, I decided to volunteer and write one up of my own!

Who I am: Hagana Kim, 35, from Lansdowne, PA

What I do: Paper pusher at Penn Law, owner at tuck barre & yoga

What role healthy living plays in my life: I married someone who does that

Health Memberships: I own a couple barre/yoga studios. I also own a jump rope, and recently bought a heavy bag on January 1st. I’m waiting for it to arrive before I really kick this workout thing into high gear.


4:45am – Callie’s alarm goes off. I ignore it and go back to bed.

7:45am – My alarm goes off. I turn it off, let the dogs out, and throw a few slices of Costco pizza into the toaster oven for breakfast.

8:20am – Walk half a block to my SEPTA bus stop, take three explosive steps upward to elevate my body mass into the transit vehicle while maintaining balance and form.

8:50am – Stop by 7/11, grab a spicy chicken biscuit for $1.29. Anything under $2 hardly has calories anyway.

1:15pm – Take a walk around work looking for free food – find an event that’s ending that had Garces catering, fix myself a plate

6:00pm – Get home to start cooking for Callie. She requests a wedge salad, and I oblige.

I don’t feel like a salad, and there’s a chinese place around the corner that does an awesome half-chicken, fried, with fries for $5.50. So I do that, like a fucking champ.

Daily total: $5.50


7:45am: Alarm goes off. Out of Costco pizza, so I fall back on Totino’s (loving the new square shape!).

1:15pm: Walk around work looking for free food – find a tray of turkey hoagies, and help myself.

6:15pm: Dinner time! Decided to make some pork belly lettuce wraps. Here’s a picture of one. I ate about 25.

10:00pm – Callie is safely asleep. I get hungry again, so I order a charcuterie/cheese board from Domino’s.

Daily total: $15


5:15am – Ugh, actually have to wake up early on Wednesdays to drive Callie to her 6am yoga. I take about 20 minutes of the yoga class, get tired, and leave to drive back home and let dogs out. On the drive home, I see that McD’s has brought back their 2 for 4 breakfast sandwich special! I get four breakfast sandwiches for the dogs, and a coffee for myself.

12:30pm – Callie is free for lunch! So we hit up Terakawa Ramen for their spicy ramen.

6:00pm – Wednesday is our takeout night! Also, we have time to walk the dogs Thursday morning, so I carb load with Thai food to prepare my body.

Daily total: Who cares, it’s Callie’s money


7:30am – Heat up the daily morning pizza. I blot it, since I’m watching my figure.

1:00pm – I’ve been eating a bit unhealthy, so I opt for a salad for lunch.

6:00pm – Dinner time! Made some dukbokki (spicy korean rice cakes)

10:00pm – Callie’s safely asleep and I’m hungry again, so it’s taco time!


8:30am – Whoops, woke up late, no time for breakfast, heading to work!

11:00am – Appetizer salad at Goldie because I’m starving.


1:00pm – Real lunch – go to Shake Shack and get a spicy chick’n shack.

6:00pm – Dinner time! Korean bbq with traditional spread and miso soup. 

Total spent: Stop asking, you sound like Callie interrogating me about my debit card purchases.

Now that I’m at the end of this thing, I’m a little confused… why are these food logs called sweat diaries?

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