3/17 – Day 2 of Social Distancing – Activity Ideas

So yesterday was weird! Working from home (day job) definitely has its advantages – you get to watch all of your dogs sleep all day instead of just imagining it.

Also, no commuting so plenty of time to take mid-day yoga online!

Also, Callie and I don’t always get too much time together, so being able to work next to each other for a full day has been really nice. Of course, this was Day 1. By Day 4, you’ll probably see me posting things like, “How do you enforce social distancing against your spouse? Asking for a friend…” And then I’ll have to deal with Callie looking at me like

Have you guys noticed a change in the ads that you’re getting served, either on mobile or just on internet in general? I’m sure everyone is getting the face mask ads, but those marketing guys are clearly getting very good at what they do. For instance, they definitely know I own/operate fitness studios. And maybe they even know that we closed all of our studios down last Saturday, because this morning I woke up to this ad on my Instagram…

I mean, talk about targeted! I even talked a friend of mine into getting a PS4 yesterday, so they clearly know what’s going on in my life. Obviously I downloaded it…

Oh, alright. Yeah, I’ll definitely take gym business advice from “The Boulder”

Wait… my starting gym has a single treadmill?? And I thought we had some under-prepared studio openings…

Wait, what? Is that how this works?? We must be doing this wrong.

Okay, how do I add barre & yoga?

I only had enough money to add a single locker. Alrighty…

Wait, now this is actually a good idea! I never even thought about the fact that the owners of spaces with vending machines made money from them… Coca-Cola machines for every tuck location immediately!

Oh, okay. No changing rooms for cyclists. Sorry Katrina, Amanda, Kate, and everyone else who bikes to tuck. No more dressing rooms for you guys.

Sheesh, that went south fast. This game sucks. I rate it 2/7 stars.

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