The Barre Bro Gets Into the Nightclub Business

The barre bro recently had a realization – he has access to large, open spaces with built-in dance floors and great sound systems. Sure, these spaces are currently used for barre and yoga classes, but why stop there? Also, our clientele tends to skew towards white girls who like to dance but don’t necessarily dance… well, see for yourself.

So, why not open a nightclub where our teachers and clients can practice their dance moves?!? Enter tuck 3, aka tuck barre & yoga Washington Square West.

First things first – everyone knows, no nightclub is complete without an imposing, unmarked steel door behind an intimidating steel grate on a random side street located on 7th street between South St. and Lombard St.

And of course, no nightclub is complete without a bouncer that makes sure potential clients are on a list of pre-approved people deemed cool enough.


Once you get past the bouncer, the space immediately becomes warmer – sure, there’s a random kitchenette that’s a relic from the old tenants, but we’re not about to tear out something that functional and useful. Also, this rug is the best – it was like $180 at Costco. Great for dogs and Cassie to roll around on.

Some fake plants and barre socks to add a little color to the place.

And more seating and a water cooler, along with another old-ass industrial heater.

Then, the entryway area gives way to a big, long, bright dance floor! But I guess we can use it for barre during the day.

All in all, opening day classes went well with lots of familiar faces – many of our clients from the other locations came out to support!

And Chernobyl Kate crushed some newbies on Sunday morning.

But the last-minute rush and teaching grand opening classes left these ladies pretty exhausted, but happy.

Opening this studio on schedule really came down to the wire – our contractor started ghosting us about a week before opening and we were bailed out by Anthony’s Painting. If you’re in Philly and need painting, I can’t recommend Anthony enough – he’s done two of our studios and our house – his crew is absolutely fantastic at what they do, they go above and beyond, they’re incredibly friendly and accommodating, and they do great work at a reasonable price and they do it well, and they do it fast. Seriously, this studio doesn’t open on time without Anthony.

This is where things stood with less than 48 hours to go before opening. Jim and Ann worked around the clock from Tuesday-Friday night to put the finishing touches and get our nightclub ready for opening.

Shit. I just remembered we go to bed at 8pm every night. I guess we can leave it as a barre/yoga studio for now. But, if it actually was a nightclub, what super cool one-word name should we name it? BURN? PLIE? Or do we just call it butt stuff?


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