4:10 AM

Where am I allowed to draw the line? I mean, I understand I should have known this kind of stuff was coming when I married my 6am yoga teacher, but waking up at 4:10am on a weekday before work?

Let’s rewind a bit. “Come be on local TV!” they said. “It’ll be great publicity!” they said. “We’ll do three separate segments!” they said.

“Okay!” Callie said, before even asking when this was happening. And certainly before asking the barre bro if that was a cool bro thing for us to do.

Do you have any idea how awful a time 4:10am is in January in Philadelphia? Not only is it cold, the night/morning isn’t even done getting colder by 4:10am. It’s so early that when I woke up and burped, I could still taste last night’s dinner. It’s so early that the Netflix show I fall asleep to every night hadn’t even asked me yet if I was still there watching.

So yeah, we woke up at the pig crack of dawn, drove to the West Philly studio, and hosted FairyTales The Rescue and PHL17.

Believe it or not, that’s Franklin!! Look how much bigger he is now than last time!!

Franklin in July

This is my favorite picture of him ever –

Franklin in November
Franklin in January 2019


Franklin keeps getting cuter as he gets bigger – one thing we have in common.

11:30am edit: Speaking of getting bigger, the other problem with waking up at 4:10am is that you get hungry for lunch way before lunch time. Now, I had every intention of getting a salad for lunch today – I had it all planned out. I would walk to Axis where they have a salad bar, load up on lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and red cabbage, top it with grilled chicken and caesar dressing, and eat a super healthy lunch for about six bucks. The problem is, today is Tuesday… and the flashing sign below the Axis sign displayed “Today’s special – $2 off any platter!”

So what’s a platter? You pick a “main” (cheesesteak, chicken wings, or chicken fingers), and you get a soup or salad AND two sides, all for $8.25. So now I’m in a pickle – do I pay $6 for just a salad, or for $2 more, do I get the salad, two sides, and an entire cheesesteak?

oops I did it again

Now at first glance, it looks as though my dietary plan for lunch was completely thrown off. But what’s not pictured here are my accomplishments – I ordered the salad instead of the soup, which is tough to do on a cold day when you had to wake up at 4:00am, AND, while I had the option of getting double fries as my sides, I ordered broccoli as one of my sides! But wait, the accomplishments aren’t over…

Not only did I save half the cheesesteak for another time, I ate almost as much of the broccoli as I did of the fries! Unfortunately, this amount of fries falls into a category I call the “it’s not going to be as good later” – meaning that those fries will never again be as beautiful and hot and crispy as they are in this moment. So I finished them off like a Mortal Kombat fatality.

P.S. – Raw peppers in salads suck, as do cucumbers.

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