Bring Your Betta Barre

We do some wacky events at tuck. We’ve done disco barre, pig yoga, and tomorrow night we’re doing “Bring your Bae to Barre. Why do I bring this up, other than shameless self-promotion and SEO?

Because Ann texted us at 10 FREAKING PM to tell us the dumbest story. We go to bed at 830pm. So, what was so important that Ann buzzed our phones 90 minutes into our REM cycles?

She was telling her friend about “Bring your bae to barre” and her friend, who is an enthusiastic owner of a betta fish, thought she said “Bring your betta barre” – as in a barre class. With fish. Okay, when she actually told us the story in person, it was kind of funny.

betta barre fish

Took another barreSHRED class this morning with Callie. It was pretty terrible. Exercises that I thought would consist of sets of 8 turned out to be sets of 20. The same voice that yells at me about laundry was yelling at me to do more pushups. I honestly had to tap out with about 10 minutes left in class because I was getting nauseous.

This is where I went wrong. I thought 2lb. weights would be safe. But every exercise we did, we did with both weights in one hand. Why are only the 1lb. weights pink? Are they trying to shame you into avoiding them? It worked today, but it won’t work again. Two of the pink, so your form don’t stink.

I’m grateful I didn’t throw up. Had i had anything other than iced coffee in my stomach, I would have had to mop after class. One unexpected benefit of barre – whatever muscle you use to hold in farts, barre definitely makes that  muscle stronger. I held back a chemical weapon in my bowels for the full 45 minutes of class.

Also, Bunny is the cutest dog ever.

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