The Barre Bro’s Favorite Class at tuck barre & yoga

The barre bro has exactly one favorite class at tuck barre & yoga, and it’s FreeBuild Flow (FBF) with Megan.

What exactly is FreeBuild Flow? Well, it’s not what it sounds like, because it kind of sounds like we’ll be playing with lego blocks or something while doing yoga.

It’s impossible to succinctly describe what this class is, because there is so much involved. It’s part-vinyasa yoga, part-being a little kid and swinging your arms around like you just don’t care, and part-being a back up dancer to Beyonce, all with plenty of cardio, feel-good stretches and twists, and plyometrics, all set to some bangin’ beats.

As usual, the best part of the class is the opening seconds – three deep breaths. I fucking crush deep breaths. My lungs are grand canyons when it comes to deep breaths.

Then…we just fucking get into it. Or to be more precise, Meg gets us into it. Meg’s a great barre/yoga teacher in general, but she goes next level when she’s teaching FBF. Think Beyonce mixed with Joel Osteen or something – she  teaches this class like she’s possessed by a holy spirit.

A lot of the… movements? Exercises? Let’s just call them sequences – a lot of the sequences have a familiar yoga base, like the one pictured above – we start out in a standard triangle, but then Meg adds some movements to it that make it way more fun and active.

As always with classes at tuck, there’s some shitty core stuff, but again, something about the added movements make them much less noxious to perform.

There’s also plyometrics and all kinds of wild sequences that develop both lower body strength and balance.

Then there are sequences of Meg just wylin out like a crazy person, but holy shit it’s fun! Also, instead of most exercise classes where the instructors are facing you, Meg faces the same direction as the students and leads, so it feels like you’re her backup dancer. You probably look stupid and uncoordinated, but you can just watch Meg and pretend you look badass like her.

You’ll work up a great sweat, but that’s balanced out with sequences like this that are pretty easy and honestly probably don’t do much other than give Meg a chance to show off her ripped biceps. And who can blame her – I’d join the NRA if I had guns like her.

The cardio-heavy portion probably lasts about 40 minutes or so, and the last 20 minutes are a series of cool down, feel-good stretches that feel amazing – and you feel like you really earned them from the fire that was the first 40 minutes.

If you’re super-busy and can only workout for an hour a week, this is the class to take, because it really has it all – cardio, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

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